About Me

My name is Anthony Slocombe and I am a graduate in Marine and Natural History photography at Falmouth University.

My love for Natural History started from a young age, I would watch every wildlife documentary and TV show I could find such as David Attenborough programs to Steve Backshall's Deadly 60. My passion for photography started when I discovered my Granddad's old 35mm cameras and immediately wanted to explore this amazing Art form. I began by doing GCSE photography and progressed onto AS/A2 Photography at Farnborough 6th Form College where I studied and learnt how to use studio lighting and different camera techniques which I still use today. During my time at
College I would go on different photo shoots in my spare time to places like Bird World or The Anglian Wolf Society and the Wildlife Heritage Foundation which inspired me to apply for a Marine & Natural History Photography course at Falmouth University. During my time at Falmouth Uni I have developed my own style and skills through the use of Microscopy, 35mm photography, Large Format photography, Studio work and Film making

I am an adventurous and enthusiastic Photographer who loves to travel and experience anything to do with Natural History such as Marine and Terrestrial life to Landscape and Macro photography. 

(Image of me, Photo Credit mattbrown-photography.co.uk)